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Why use songs in ELT?
From experience you've probably seen that most students love teachers bringing songs into the classroom, but are there any proven benefits of teaching through songs? So far there has been relatively little research in the field, but here we present 20 reasons why you should consider using songs more often in your lessons. Read more...

Need inspiration? Try our lesson of the month:
This month we recommend you try our lesson based on the song Perfect Day by Lou Reed. This lesson practises listening for detail with a song about a perfect day. Students then revise and practise the language of making and agreeing/disagreeing with suggestions as they plan their own perfect day. Suitable for Pre Intermediate level students. Lou Reed / Perfect Day (Subscribers Only)

Choosing songs to use in the ESL classroom
How do you go about choosing from the millions of songs available, and what should you keep in mind when selecting a song for your lesson? Read on to find out...
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